Professor Jörg Wiedenmann is the Head of the Marine Biology and Ecology Research Group and leads the Coral Reef Laboratory at the University of Southampton. He is interested in the functioning of the coral-algal symbiosis and how changes in environmental conditions affect reef ecosystems. He has made major contributions to our understanding of how the disturbance of the nutrient environment renders corals more susceptible to bleaching. His work led to the discovery of new coral symbiont species that enable corals to survive in the hottest reef environments on our planet. He introduced novel fluorescent coral pigments as imaging tools for medical research.



Dr. Cecilia D’Angelo is a Lecturer of Molecular Coral Biology at the University of Southampton and researcher in the Coral Reef Laboratory. 

She applies molecular and biochemical principles to understand how corals function at the molecular level. She has discovered new roles of lipids in the heat stress tolerance of corals and found that the salinity of the water has a profound influence on coral survival in extreme temperature habitats. Her research established how the production of photoprotective coral pigments is regulated by light. These mechanisms help to explain the function of coral pigments and changes in coral colour patterns.